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B.F.D. Firehouse Studios originated in 1985 in a restored firehouse in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.The husband and wife design team of Walter Kenul and Janet Rutkowski laid the foundation for their business there. It was the beginning of their creative journey. Janet was schooled as a fine artist and Walter has been a musician since his childhood. The restoration of this unique building inspired a new passion; the love of art and architecture.

After completing the renovation of the Firehouse, with their new skills of construction and design honed, they purchased property in Barryville, New York. Here they built a much needed studio along with another spectacular living space. Along with the new studio came new disciplines in the form of architectural ironwork and large-scale sculptures. Their affiliation with The BrookHouse Gallery, which was established in October 2010, was the catalyst for an onslaught of creative projects. Janet continues to forge forward with her sculptures and ironwork, and Walter has returned full force into writing and recording music, and is currently working on his third album with his musical group, DRW.