Walter Kenul
Walter Kenul was born in Istria,Croatia. Once part of Italy it was then given to the former Yugoslavia. His life experience
brings a very unique and almost outsider edge to his art and music.

Walter has been a musician since his childhood. During his earlier years he played in many bands , Bimbo Jet, Metropolis etc. But life circumstances caused him to put the music aside for many years.

At some point the need for creativity emerged and he started his steel portrait series. These compelling plasma cut steel portraits started out originally as a tribute to people he knew but has transmuted into many themes.

Then one day  on a beach in Croatia he was suddenly inspired to write a song along with conceptual artist ,Richard Humann.
Thus was born D.R.W. the band. Three long time friends, Dante (D) Delemos, Richard Humann ( R) and Walter Kenul (W).are the founders of this group. their first CD Mona Lisa Cry was released in 2009? And now their second , with musician,Sammy Merendino is near completion.